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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Noneillah Birthday Shout To Sean Cos Mason

Noneillah Birthday Shout To Sean Cos Mason 

We at Noneillah like to give a birthday shout out to our founder and hip-hop/rap artist Sean Cos Mason aka Sean Mason aka Sean M aka Cos aka Cosmos.  Sean Cos Mason is one of the hottest famous underground hip-hop artist  from New Jersey. Sean Cos Mason aka Sean Mason has made a name for his self as a well known underground emcee and rapper at Real Deal Radio.

March 5 is the 64th day of the year (65th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

March 5 Zodiac Sign - Pisces. As Pisces born on March 5th, you are well known for your sensitivity, intuition and self sacrifice. While others struggle with reading emotions, you do not have that problem. 

This famous  Pisces hip-hop lyrical flows was not to be reckon with in the rap game.  His bars what have you amazed how he formulates his word play in his music. Please go check out his songs on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Youtube, Soundcloud, Tidal, Napster,  Spotify and other music streaming website. 

People Born On March 5: Zodiac Sign Is Pisces. IF YOU ARE BORN ON March 5, you are not afraid to take a stand. The March zodiac sign for this day is Pisces. You are well spoken and sociable.

As a Pisces born on March 5th, you are curious by nature and charitable by experience. 
You take a lot on board from what happens to other people and prefer to help them 
rather than indulge yourself.
Taking things slowly is part of who you are and although you can 
also rush when needed, you prefer calm and comfort to any fight that is not for a good purpose. 
Prepare to read an outstanding profile analysis in the following rows.
 The zodiac sign for March 5 is Pisces.
 Astrological symbol: Fish. The sign of the Fish is influential for those born 
February 19 - March 20, when the Sun is considered to be in Pisces. 
It signifies the intuitive and confident nature of these natives.
 The Pisces Constellation lies between Aquarius to the West and Aries to the East 
on an area of 889 sq degrees and has Van Maanen's as its brightest star. Its visible 
latitudes are between +90° to -65°, this being one of the zodiac's twelve constellations.
 The Spanish call it Pisci while the French use the name Poisson for the
 March 5 zodiac sign but the real origin of the Fish is in the Latin Pisces.
 Opposite sign: Virgo. This means that this sign and Pisces sun sign are in a 
complementary relation, suggesting abundance and sincerity and what one has the other
 lacks and the other way around.
 Modality: Mobile. The quality reveals the amicable nature of those born on
 March 5 and their honesty and practicality regarding most life events.
 Ruling house: The twelfth house. This house represents completion and renewal. 
It is about recycling and turning life around at one point after thorough analysis and 
also suggests strength and rejuvenation that come from knowledge.
 Ruling body: Neptune. This planet reflects liveliness and harmony. 
It also suggests the secrecy component. The trident is the symbol of Neptune and its influence.
 Element: Water. This element represents transformation and continuous growth 
and is considered to determine the mood swings of those connected to March 5 zodiac as
 they tend to support their actions on feelings and less on reason. Water boils things in 

association with fire, it's vaporized by air and shapes things in combination with earth.
 Lucky day: Thursday. This is a day ruled by Jupiter, therefore symbolizes cooperation 
and readiness and identifies best with the Pisces natives who are vague.
 Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 12, 15, 26.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Noneillah Like To Congratulate Cardi B For Winning The Grammys Best Rap Album Award 2019

Noneillah Like To Congratulate Cardi B For Winning The  Grammys 
Best Rap Album Award 2019

Noneillah Like to Remember The Sugarhill Gang On Black History

 Noneillah Like to Remember The Sugarhill Gang On Black History

The members, all from EnglewoodNew Jersey, consisted of Michael "Wonder Mike" WrightHenry "Big Bank Hank" Jackson, and Guy "Master Gee" O'Brien. The three were assembled into a group by producer Sylvia Robinson, who founded Sugar Hill Records with her husband, record producer Joe Robinson.[1] The group and the record company are named after the Sugar Hill, Harlem, neighborhood.[2]
The Sugarhill Gang never had another US hit, though it had a slew of European hits, such as "Apache", "8th Wonder" (which was performed on the American music show Soul Train in 1981), "Rapper's Reprise (Jam Jam)", and "Showdown" (with the Furious Five). In 1999, the trio reunited and recorded Jump on It! a hip hop children's album.[3]

Later years[edit]

Following the departure of Wonder Mike and Hendogg from Sugarhill Records in 2005, the original members of the Sugarhill Gang apart from Jackson have performed as the Original Sugar and as Rapper's Delight Featuring Wonder Mike and Master Gee, largely due to a string of legal cases against them regarding the use of the name 'Sugarhill Gang'
On November 11, 2014, Big Bank Hank died at the age of 58 after a long battle with cancer.[4]
In 2016, the remaining living members of the original Sugarhill Gang, including Wonder Mike, Hendogg and Master Gee embarked on their first world tour in over a decade under the name The Sugarhill Gang. They performed as the Sugarhill Gang for the Art of Rap festival tour in 2016. They played at V Festival in Hylands Park and Weston Park in the UK as part of their world tour in 2016. On November 27, 2016, they played in Hong Kong at the Clockenflap Festival. On August 5, 2017, they headlined at the Depot in the Park Festival in Cardiff, United Kingdom. In July 2019 they will play the North Nibley Festival in Gloucestershire.[5]